New cars

MAN offers a variety of solutions for every taste.


Low-weight model (from 7.5 to 12 tons), but with a high payload and low fuel consumption, ideally suited for deliveries. Likewise, MAN TGL can be configured according to the required activities, for example, as a tipper truck, a truck for transporting beverages, a refrigerator, a utility vehicle or a road service vehicle.

It is perfect for delivering goods!


The ne and, improved TGM model is equipped with a rain sensor and automatic driving lights for safe driving during all times of the day and in all weather conditions. Additional safety is provided by the new MAN BrakeMatic® system with EBS (Electronic Brake System) and EBA (Brake Assist).

The versatile MAN TGM is very flexible, excels with its great capacity, and its enhanced seating and steering wheel combined with a professional navigation system deliver outstanding driving performance and comfort.

More comfortable, safer, more flexible, more efficient!


A great help in situations that require significant traction. The new MAN TGS series copes with any task using immense power, high payload and unbeatable economy.

MAN TGS will safely and timely deliver even the heaviest load, regardless of the road surface and neither asphalted roads or gravel roads will be an obstacle. The required dynamics is ensured by Common Rail high torque engines. The new generation of automated MAN TipMatic® gearshift systems makes driving easier. The outstanding combinations of wheels, engines and gearboxes up to an 8×8 all-wheel drive model ensure that it can get anywhere. Discover the new MAN TGS, that can do anything, more economically and more efficiently.

The powerful MAN TGS will deliver even the heaviest cargo safely and on time!


The greatest payload, tractive force and off-road abilities – the new TGX series is convincing also in challenging areas.

The new MAN TGX offers the right drive concept for transportation, when a great tractive force is necessary. Whether it’s a 4×4 hydraulic drive (HydroDrive) or a 6×4 / 8×4 drive option, you can always rely on this workhorse. With an engine power of up to 471 kW (640 hp), the TGX offers unbeatable power while maintaining the lowest possible fuel consumption. This heavyweight truck with a full mass of 41 tons has the highest payload. With its wide range of body capabilities, the MAN TGX is probably the most effective and largest alternative for use in the building site.

Because, where the road ends, there is excellent traction power provided by turning on the hydrostatic front axle drive MAN HydroDrive® or the double rear axle drive. Thus, the MAN TGX works great when a maximum traction force is needed, and it is able to drive through areas, where trucks, that only have rear wheel drive, cannot. In addition, the necessary safety is guaranteed by a variety of innovative technologies.

In situations, when the driver has not rested and starts losing concentration, even the best technology cannot help, so the comfortable MAN cabins will always help the driver to calmly cope with all the challenges.

You should discover the robust features of the new MAN TGX on off-road conditions and make it a powerful ally for every construction site.

Increased driving dynamics and fuel economy!


MAN TGE has commercial vehicle experience on board, and whether you are on a construction site, in forestry or transporting personnel, it will get to grips with almost any terrain easily.

In situations, when the driver has not rested and starts losing concentration, even the best technology cannot help, so the comfortable MAN cabins will always help the driver to calmly cope with all the challenges.

MAN TGE – not just a van but a reliable partner for your everyday work. Its potential is only surpassed by its functionality. From perfect load compartment dimensions to numerous storage compartments in the cockpit – almost everything has its place.

We are by your side when it comes to adjusting your TGE to your needs. We work with bodybuilder experts, with whom we have long-standing partnerships and who meet our high quality requirements. We know that a MAN TGE used in forestry will face different challenges to one used in parcel delivery. Make use of our expertise – you tell us what you need, and we’ll tell you how to do it.

For the van from MAN, we offer a total of 18 driver assistance and safety systems, which in some cases are available as special equipment subject to an additional charge. This means that you always have a wide-awake co-driver who helps you to park, keeps an eye on things and comments on your driving style (if that’s what you want).

That’s no VAN! Tha’s a MAN!